Coming Soon…

The goal of the future is simple. We want to create a site for artificial grass installers and suppliers to come together to share, collaborate, and network with others in the artificial grass industry.

We have found very few places for synthetic turf installation professionals to go to on the web that does not cater to a specific brand.  We feel that this hurts the industry more than it helps.

Our goal is to not promote any one brand,  but rather the industry as a whole.

We ultimately want to:

  • raise the bar for installation quality
  • create consumer awareness of the benefits of artificial turf surfaces and dispel any rumors or myths that are misleading and hurt the industry as a whole
  • create a platform to exchange and share ideas
  • highlight new and groundbreaking products
  • focus on creating industry best practices to ensure the health and longevity of our industry
  • raise the bar and expectations for artificial grass products and installations worldwide

We are currently putting together content and building a platform that will be easy to use and provide a ton of useful information and value. Come be a part of this with us!